Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My favorite model

lthough I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of people, Cricket has always been the most challenging subject. Even when she was a wee one. She would charge the camera making what she thought were hiss like noises. Being her human mother, I only thought it adorable and not scary at all. She still dodges the camera whenever I pull it out. I am lucky to get a few good shots.

She may pretend to defy the camera, but she is always posing... or looking for greener pastures... I can't decide which. You choose.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Hippie State of Mind

So, I need a new car... and I have been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about what to get. After surfing Facebook for... well, let's say 5 minutes, my old friend from high school had posted some pictures from a recent excursion that she, her husband and her dog had been on. She boasted about the room that she and her large dog had in the back of her van. "Van?" I remark to myself. Now, don't let this term fool you! It was no mini van for the housing of toys and melted chocolate no no... It was a van of wondrous adventure! A VW Van! So after thinking on it today, and staring at my newly acquired lapis/turquoise ring, I decided I too need a VW van! I found this beauty on Craig's list... and it appears not much work has to be done.

I need to convince the mustang man now! Wish me luck!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Not diggin' it...

What happened to power equaling class... Jackie O style?

Recently my sister and I went to Scottsdale Fashion Square. The stores there are amazing... Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Tiffany's etc...  So why do I see girls that are toting around the LV bags, but wearing VS (Victoria Secret) Sweat pants with the tag sticking out. Have we gotten too casual??? This whole distressed trend coming back is making me nervous. Kurt Cobain rocking the flannels and the safety pinned denim is one thing, but when the royalty that is Hollywood is steping out in them, I start to grow a little weary. I hope the revisit of this fad leaves sooner than it did last time!

Wish I were a cook...

So, I wouldn't say I am not a foodie, because I do enjoy the tastier things in life... Like chili-chocolate and... well, nothing else comes to mind because I have chocolate on the brain... but I came across and exceptionally witty blog today, based solely on food. I did realize at this point that my nap left me no time to lunch so I scrolled through the pages of Orangette and found my self reading about her adventures in food, but once the recipe hit, I was zooming past. My darling sister is quite the baker and she makes what ever I request of her for my birthday. Last year I requested a chocolate tort. And she delivered beautifully.

There was a delicious raspberry topping to boot. (You may see canned whipped cream there in the distance... it is for the men in our lives that don't appreciate the finer things... like RICH chocolate and homemade raspberry toppings, hand whipped cream at that!)
Anyhow.. I have decided Orangette is a place for my sister. One who reads recipes, not those who request them to be made for birthdays and such.
Thanks darling sister for always making my birthday EXTRA sweet!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tie it up!

I was checking my ol' junk email inbox and came across this super awesome necklace!

What a super awesome way to accessorize for the summer! There are many different style from the kind above, to braided, to just fabric strands.... How hard would this be to test out on myself???

They even have dudes in these necklaces! And I don't hate it at all!!! 

It's like the scarf trend, but with a modern twist!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Beautiful Wedding

This last weekend Mustang Man and I ventured into wine country! We weren't there for the wine though, it was just a bonus! We were there to see my cousin marry his bride. It was the story of fairy tales! College football player falls in love with a cheerleader. They get married and live happily ever after.

Here are some of the awesome DIY Details

The bridal party and Aunts and moms did all the center pieces. They looked amazing and all the colors they chose were so vibrant!
The tent and lanterns were all decorated by the family as well! They did such an amazing job with the tent!
They also created the programs.

I think they executed everything so well! It was such a treat to see my cousin marry his little lady!

Oh... and if you are wondering about the wine... Yes, we went to a few wineries, and there was even a wine bar in the airport. Mustang Man and I stopped in there for a pre-flight flight!
(photo taken on 5 year old camera phone)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DIY Food in a cement world

Mustang Man and I finally planted our Herb Garden, and it is alive and thriving... for now. Tempuratures have yet to reach 110 degrees. I am hoping our handy umbrella will protect our little green friends.
My plastic container contains Lavender (for smell), parsley, and Bassssil! (said with a whistle). There is pot all to itself full of mint as well, because of its overwhelming growing habits. We are using our Basssssil in an italian dish tonight, in honor of my best friend's birthday! Happy b-day stylist to the stars!

OH! And watch out for the wild life out there in the cement garden!