Thursday, November 3, 2011

Easy Christmas Ornament: Wedding Invitation

After strolling around one fine day on Pinterest I came across this project. Now, after all the wedding planning we did, and the stress of the invitation wording, I was excited to pull the extra invitations out and test this project out. (Lord knows I can't throw them away)
All you need is a clear Christmas Ornament, Scissors, and your extra wedding invitation.


Cut your invitation into strips, select the most important parts, ie names, date, time. If you have fun scissors, don't be afraid to use those too! I used that on the design portion for a little filler!

I also had some left over Baby's Breath from our centerpieces that I let dry, just for crafts like this, so I threw that in there as well!

Voila! Here is the finished product!


I am so looking forward to hanging this on our Christmas tree this year, our first year as a married couple and exactly 6 months into our marriage!

This can be adapted to anything you would like to remember on Christmas day, baby announcements, graduations, engagements, first homes, or heck, just put some ribbon in!