Monday, January 31, 2011

My new super sweet phone

okay I believe I have the best fiance in the entire world. He purchased me this new amazing phone that I can use to blog on the go! I can even speak into it and it types for me!
I do feel sad about my old phone though.(pictured) Like I am closing a chapter in my life. So rest in piece my old reliable phone. You will be missed.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend to Do's

On Mrs. B. Kim's Green Ventures we always have lots to talk about and blogging is definitely one of those things, as well as other goals and aspirations, and frustrations.
So, on this particular Friday drive I came up with a to-do list!
1. Price all my yard sale stuff for the yards sale 2 weeks away
2. Create a cork board made of wine corks (Lord knows I have enough)
3. Make a bracelet
4. I think there was something else but I am drawing a blank at this moment. It'll come back to me.
5. (Just came up with this one on the fly) Finish my letter to Maltort

Posts to follow!


tylateea- a Captcha I had to type while commenting on Mrs. B. Kim's post. I love captchas... I wish there was a captcha version of version of Balderdash.
I have decided to start one via blog now.

Tylateea- verb- To be creatively lazy.
Use it in a sentence?
Emily tylateeaed all weekend by catching up on all her favorite blogs.


I believe in this moment I said "I am gangster like Lindsay Lohan"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Piece of Cake...

I just created this fun little guy to ask our family members to make us a dessert to share on our wedding day. We would really like to have a bake off the traditional desserts from our families be, not only something to look at, but something for everyone to try. I know that my family on my dad's side is going to be really excited about our "...Family Cake" and Mustang Man is going to eat "Summer's Delight" all by himself as it is his FAVORITE dessert. I am really excited to see how this dessert table turns out.

A Chilly Morning, but a great one...

This morning on our very green carpool commute, Mrs B. Kim and I had wet hair, because both of us like to hit "snooze" at our separate houses. Well, Vanda, my sweet ride, has broken windows on the passenger side. They like to fall into the door at inconvenient times and this was one of them. Wet hair and near freezing temperatures made for a cold, miserable ride to work. The sun wasn't even up to help thaw our bones.
However, when I arrived at work, my trembling hand was able to check my email, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A NEW BOOK BY CHARLES BAXTER! He is one of my most favorite authors in the whole wide world and I have been waiting and waiting for something new!
I believe it is a compilation of short stories and I cannot wait to pick it up! If only I hadn't used my whole Amazon gift card!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finding Balance...

Mustang Man and I have been watching English movies all weekend and they make me want to move to England. It seems like a happier life, they may work over there, but they really seem to cherish their relationships with their friends and family. Since moving to the Southwest I don't have my friends and only a fraction of my family. If I moved to Britain or somewhere foreign it would be even less, but I long for a life like that.
Food, wine, friends, family, and knowing what the important things in life are. I think I only really come back to this reality on the weekends. When Monday comes and the stress of work and life without my Mustang Man for an excess of 10 hours a day makes me forget my priorities, makes me tired and cranky and start back at square one. How does one find a balance?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Me thinks I like these

These Inca Boots are super freaking awesome. (Not to mention all the really cute outfits the models are wearing on the website)

Perhaps I living in the South West is getting to me, but I think I could totally pull these off, maybe with a cute sun dress. even some skinny jeans.
These boots were hand made in Peru, made of suede and lamb's wool makes up the design on the top of the boot. I think these are the next best thing after the Ugg, however, my Uggs will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart and closet.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The problem with hair is...

Unless you are a Kardashian, with the exception of Khloe, your hair may be a in a state of constant change. I know mine is. I have gone from black to blond in a matter of hours from blond to brown, from brown to a purplish DARK brown, to red to my current, mousey grossness and of course it is in the awkward length stage.
So, now my wedding is coming up, and now is the time to start thinking of what I want it to look like on that day. I don't want to look totally different at my wedding, so I think 5 months out is a good time to make a change, if any. The problem with looking for new hair inspirations is that I want my hair to be everything it isn't. Soft, shiny, long, wavy and straight all at the same time.
And then I start to look at the faces that these people have. Undoubtedly I am looking at the celebrities that have all the products and professionals that I will never have and I sit in a state of longing and jealousy.
In a perfect world I would have Kim Kardashian's hair
But in a real world Julia Roberts is more like my hair type (I used to hear that I looked like her, but in my old age, I don't hear that anymore)

This may be too blond... but it is so lovely... I think it is a serious, expensive possibility.

This is more like my current hair color. Everyone says red is a nice color with my skin tone (aka VERY pale, or "porcelain") but it always washes out and gets so brassy.

I am still at a loss and have no clue what I want to do with my hair. Stay tuned. I have a hair appointment with my sister on February 5th. This must all be sorted out by then.

*photos found on google images

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Weekend

This is my schedule for the weekend:
8ish- wake up, potentially with a minor wine headache
9 am get out of bed and make a cup of coffee for my Mustang Man
maybe have a bagel
9:30 Shower
10:30 head to the outdoor shopping center, spend all my gift cards
12 maybe have a spot of lunch
Then who knows what the night has in store

Sunday... Sunday is chore day. Weeding the yard, finish the laundry... always finishing laundry, re-arrange office... and again we will see what the night has in store.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The size it should be?

Mustang Man is making us some healthy fried rice and we just bought a new carton of "cage free" eggs. He stumbled upon this small egg in the midst of all the large'ns. I think that is the size it would be if we had a chicken living with us laying eggs. I need to visit the farmer's market this weekend to find out.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

People Tree...

So I have been on a Harry Potter rampage since Mustang Man purchased me the entire series on BlueRay for Christmas. I was doing my normal Facebook snooping while watching the "Sorcerer's Stone," or "Philosopher's Stone" if you have the UK version like I do, and looked up the lovely Emma Watson. She really put herself on the map for me when she chopped her hair off. She was just a normal pretty girl, but what a statement! I googled her to take a good look at her new do and I realized she is actually stunning, long hair or not.
Photo from here.
Anyhow, on her Facebook page she mentioned working with People Tree on a line of clothing. I of course googled it immediately, as Emma has great style. I love love everything they carry! And the best part is, it is Fair Trade and organic. The problem? It is a UK company and there are no stores or catalog options here in the states. If there were, I would be all over that!. Still worth looking at I think.