Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Noodle is Irked

I have no time to be crafty during the week. My work day is full of work, and I get home and my home life is full of home life responsibilities! This hardly seems right! Right? Last night I worked on my pomander as much as I could. Man alive it is taking a lot longer than I expected! I am not even half way done gluing! All my circles are finally cut out but I just can't glue quickly enough! Today I have a Eye Dr. appointment, so that is definitely going to cut out some time from whatever craft time I could afford today. I will be heading home during the peak of rush hour for sure... and potentially with dilated eyes. DRIVERS BEWARE!

But, on the bright side, my step mom will be flying down tomorrow, and this weekend we are going dress shopping for my sister's wedding dress! It's going to be an all girls weekend! And we are getting facials done at L'Occitaine! Should make for a fun 3 day weekend!

Also, Thanks Jes for the fun title!

Summer Sun

I am a recovering choc-aholic, shop-aholic. So my means of getting my shopping fix are store emails, the inconvience of it prevents me from actually purchasing anything, but I still feel as though I know what is going on in the fashion world and as though I have seen and tried on many wonderful things. I get weekly, daily, monthly emails from various stores. Today I received an email from the Buckle, which is a severe weakness and a former employer. I saw these wonderful, fantastic, glorious, fabulous sunglasses.

I think these are a Summer 2010 MUST have! I have a plethora of sunglasses, but like shoes, I feel a girl can never have too many! I see myself driving down the cactus filled strees with the top down and a scarf on my head, listening to Billie Holiday. Yes. Next Tuesday I will be making a trip to the Buckle to purchase these glasses, and then I will be in search of the perfect convertable to act out this perfect play!

Monday, March 29, 2010

At A Loss

So, my weekend ended up being much busier than expected. I did not finish my pomander, and in turn, I owe Mustang Man $2. This is a crying shame. So, as I sit here on my break at work, I am dreaming of my pink circles that have yet to be cut... and other various projects that are in need of a beginning. *sigh* The lesson to be learned here, no bets on project due dates.

In hind sight, I think Mustang Man foiled my weekend on purpose!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pomander Progress.... continued

I THINK I have all my circles drawn out... now my Sunday will be full of cutting them! I WILL finish tomorrow and get my $2!

Also, Ms. Jessica, your party was lovely! Thank you for letting us get to know your family and friends! What a great time! And your personalized water bottles were awesome! Mustang Man is still talking about how creative that was. He really liked the ingredients label!

(will post a picture later)

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Awesome Blog Added to my list

So, whilst blogging on my whole break, and by blogging, I mean searching other blogs for awesomeness, I stumbled upon this blog! I think it is the brightest, cheeriest thing I have ever seen. I am now inspired to overhaul my house in to a bright and cheery place, more so than it is now! I realize I am in need of new curtains and more windows! (Not sure that that will happen but Ikea has some awesome light boxes that I may need to invest in!)
Now, doesn't this just cheer you right up?

For more awesome and inspiring things, check out Dottie Angel

Well, now that I am home for the day... my curiosity got the best of me... I have been thinking of this blog all afternoon... and after delving in deeper, I have decided... I am in love. I would like to hire "Tif" and have her decorate my whole house. And by hire I mean befriend her and make crafts with her, and shop for vintage things. *sigh* I hope to one day, be as awesomely crafty as she.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I love chocolate, in fact, some may call me a choc-aholic! Feeling a little stressed at work today led me to the one work appropriate thing I could do... CHOCOLATE. I opened my MOH Survival Bag (given to me by my lovely Bride Sister) and there sat my little piece of heaven. 16 wedges of dark chocolate in an adorable little tin. I quickly pulled the plastic covering off and laid the 70% cocoa morsel on my tongue... then, one chomp, two chomps, three chomps and aaaaaaaa aaahhhhh aaaaaahchoooooo! The sneeze that has always befuddled me, but has always been welcome. I know I am eating a good piece of chocolate if it makes me sneeze. I could be a chocolate connoisseur because of this strange and lovely reaction!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pomander Progress and Bets

Okay, so I went to Michael's again today, LOVE Michael's, and picked up some awesome stuff for my sister's bridal shower. Prizes and such! Anywho, I decided to get the foam ball to test out the pomander too! I thought I was going to have to wait 'til the weekend to start my lil' project because Michael's doesn't have fabric. However, later in my workday I remembered all the little things I saved for the potential of projects, pack rat that I am. I had a lovely fuchsia curtain that I used when I was a single lady, after an hour of searching for said curtain I was ready to get the show on the road, tonight! So I got my gear together...

I used a CD to trace the circles that I needed...

Well, if you think you have cut out enough circles... you haven't. I was cutting and cutting and this is where I got! I realize I am going to have to dedicate a lot more time to this than I thought... But I think it looks awesome!

My Mustang Man says that I won't have it done by Sunday, I say "You're on!" I am up for the challenge! (And now I have $2 on the line!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DIY on the RISE

-DIY Bridal Shower Invitations
-Fabric Pomanders
-Bangle Mini Vases
-Bubble Picture Magnets
-More necklaces of various styles

More to come my fine friends!

Hello! I'm Cutting Costs!

In a time of cutting costs, no cable, no going out to eat, no clothing shopping and cutting as many expenses as possible I have decided to take on DIY (do it yourself) projects! I am currently madly in love with a DIYer of sorts. He does all the fixen ups on his Mustang ,Steve, named by me. This is an ongoing DIY project for the two of us. There is always something new and fun to do to his ride!
This is Steve after he got his new shoes (wheels)

Anyhow, my sister is getting married September of this year and, through researching other awesome blogs, ideas are filling my head so fast I had to start a blog! I made my first DIY tiered necklace 2 weeks ago and I think it turned out quite well. I didn't have any instructions, I just went to Michael's and purchased, for a mere $24, the items I thought I would use. And use them I did!
My darling Stang Man took this photo with his iPhone... how very modern of us.

My next project is DIY Fabric Pomanders. I learned about it from the AWESOME wedding site Project Wedding in this post, I think I might test it out this weekend. My plan is to use them for my sister's bridal shower in July, which should require PLENTY of DIY projects!

Happy DIYing!