Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Noodle is Irked

I have no time to be crafty during the week. My work day is full of work, and I get home and my home life is full of home life responsibilities! This hardly seems right! Right? Last night I worked on my pomander as much as I could. Man alive it is taking a lot longer than I expected! I am not even half way done gluing! All my circles are finally cut out but I just can't glue quickly enough! Today I have a Eye Dr. appointment, so that is definitely going to cut out some time from whatever craft time I could afford today. I will be heading home during the peak of rush hour for sure... and potentially with dilated eyes. DRIVERS BEWARE!

But, on the bright side, my step mom will be flying down tomorrow, and this weekend we are going dress shopping for my sister's wedding dress! It's going to be an all girls weekend! And we are getting facials done at L'Occitaine! Should make for a fun 3 day weekend!

Also, Thanks Jes for the fun title!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! You are welcome (for the title). Fun... Facials! Take pics.