Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Summer Sun

I am a recovering choc-aholic, shop-aholic. So my means of getting my shopping fix are store emails, the inconvience of it prevents me from actually purchasing anything, but I still feel as though I know what is going on in the fashion world and as though I have seen and tried on many wonderful things. I get weekly, daily, monthly emails from various stores. Today I received an email from the Buckle, which is a severe weakness and a former employer. I saw these wonderful, fantastic, glorious, fabulous sunglasses.

I think these are a Summer 2010 MUST have! I have a plethora of sunglasses, but like shoes, I feel a girl can never have too many! I see myself driving down the cactus filled strees with the top down and a scarf on my head, listening to Billie Holiday. Yes. Next Tuesday I will be making a trip to the Buckle to purchase these glasses, and then I will be in search of the perfect convertable to act out this perfect play!

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