Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello! I'm Cutting Costs!

In a time of cutting costs, no cable, no going out to eat, no clothing shopping and cutting as many expenses as possible I have decided to take on DIY (do it yourself) projects! I am currently madly in love with a DIYer of sorts. He does all the fixen ups on his Mustang ,Steve, named by me. This is an ongoing DIY project for the two of us. There is always something new and fun to do to his ride!
This is Steve after he got his new shoes (wheels)

Anyhow, my sister is getting married September of this year and, through researching other awesome blogs, ideas are filling my head so fast I had to start a blog! I made my first DIY tiered necklace 2 weeks ago and I think it turned out quite well. I didn't have any instructions, I just went to Michael's and purchased, for a mere $24, the items I thought I would use. And use them I did!
My darling Stang Man took this photo with his iPhone... how very modern of us.

My next project is DIY Fabric Pomanders. I learned about it from the AWESOME wedding site Project Wedding in this post, I think I might test it out this weekend. My plan is to use them for my sister's bridal shower in July, which should require PLENTY of DIY projects!

Happy DIYing!

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