Friday, March 26, 2010

New Awesome Blog Added to my list

So, whilst blogging on my whole break, and by blogging, I mean searching other blogs for awesomeness, I stumbled upon this blog! I think it is the brightest, cheeriest thing I have ever seen. I am now inspired to overhaul my house in to a bright and cheery place, more so than it is now! I realize I am in need of new curtains and more windows! (Not sure that that will happen but Ikea has some awesome light boxes that I may need to invest in!)
Now, doesn't this just cheer you right up?

For more awesome and inspiring things, check out Dottie Angel

Well, now that I am home for the day... my curiosity got the best of me... I have been thinking of this blog all afternoon... and after delving in deeper, I have decided... I am in love. I would like to hire "Tif" and have her decorate my whole house. And by hire I mean befriend her and make crafts with her, and shop for vintage things. *sigh* I hope to one day, be as awesomely crafty as she.

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  1. Isn't finding a new blog across the web universe great?! I think I would also like to hire this Tif person to decorate my house! :)