Thursday, March 25, 2010


I love chocolate, in fact, some may call me a choc-aholic! Feeling a little stressed at work today led me to the one work appropriate thing I could do... CHOCOLATE. I opened my MOH Survival Bag (given to me by my lovely Bride Sister) and there sat my little piece of heaven. 16 wedges of dark chocolate in an adorable little tin. I quickly pulled the plastic covering off and laid the 70% cocoa morsel on my tongue... then, one chomp, two chomps, three chomps and aaaaaaaa aaahhhhh aaaaaahchoooooo! The sneeze that has always befuddled me, but has always been welcome. I know I am eating a good piece of chocolate if it makes me sneeze. I could be a chocolate connoisseur because of this strange and lovely reaction!

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