Friday, January 21, 2011

The problem with hair is...

Unless you are a Kardashian, with the exception of Khloe, your hair may be a in a state of constant change. I know mine is. I have gone from black to blond in a matter of hours from blond to brown, from brown to a purplish DARK brown, to red to my current, mousey grossness and of course it is in the awkward length stage.
So, now my wedding is coming up, and now is the time to start thinking of what I want it to look like on that day. I don't want to look totally different at my wedding, so I think 5 months out is a good time to make a change, if any. The problem with looking for new hair inspirations is that I want my hair to be everything it isn't. Soft, shiny, long, wavy and straight all at the same time.
And then I start to look at the faces that these people have. Undoubtedly I am looking at the celebrities that have all the products and professionals that I will never have and I sit in a state of longing and jealousy.
In a perfect world I would have Kim Kardashian's hair
But in a real world Julia Roberts is more like my hair type (I used to hear that I looked like her, but in my old age, I don't hear that anymore)

This may be too blond... but it is so lovely... I think it is a serious, expensive possibility.

This is more like my current hair color. Everyone says red is a nice color with my skin tone (aka VERY pale, or "porcelain") but it always washes out and gets so brassy.

I am still at a loss and have no clue what I want to do with my hair. Stay tuned. I have a hair appointment with my sister on February 5th. This must all be sorted out by then.

*photos found on google images

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