Saturday, January 1, 2011

People Tree...

So I have been on a Harry Potter rampage since Mustang Man purchased me the entire series on BlueRay for Christmas. I was doing my normal Facebook snooping while watching the "Sorcerer's Stone," or "Philosopher's Stone" if you have the UK version like I do, and looked up the lovely Emma Watson. She really put herself on the map for me when she chopped her hair off. She was just a normal pretty girl, but what a statement! I googled her to take a good look at her new do and I realized she is actually stunning, long hair or not.
Photo from here.
Anyhow, on her Facebook page she mentioned working with People Tree on a line of clothing. I of course googled it immediately, as Emma has great style. I love love everything they carry! And the best part is, it is Fair Trade and organic. The problem? It is a UK company and there are no stores or catalog options here in the states. If there were, I would be all over that!. Still worth looking at I think.

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