Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor of love...

It is Labor Day and what a day it has been... I woke up at 8:00 am and finished my Facebook snooping for the day by 9 am. I rolled out of bed and headed down for a breakfast bite. On my trek down the stairs I regretted not getting fresh berries at Trader Joe's yesterday along with the rest of my weekend scores.I open the fridge and there is my old friend in it's plastic container... sliced mango. I haven't had sliced mango since I was a single lass living on my own. Anywho, I chopped up a few pieces up and threw them in some TOO sweet vanilla yogurt. Then I finished my book "Water for Elephants." Quite an adventurous tale! I had a quick nap. Quite a busy day. But this isn't about today, no, this is about yesterday.

On my way home from my darling sister's house in the AM I drove past Trader Joe's and there was a bright blue sign advertising 5 Gladiola stems for $1.99. I don't know what those are... but I probably need them, I thought to myself. Later in the day I had to go to the Target to get Chicken some litter. This is the first time I have gone in to the Target unsupervised in over a year. I should know better... I ALMOST walked directly to the kitty litter like a good girl should... but then something came over me and I veered to the left. I completely avoided the women's section. Phew! In to the men's department... got the Mustang Man some skivvies. Somehow I ended up in the shoe section... and the rest of the trip was a blur. But I did score these sweet boots!
I had to get to Trader Joe's! At this point I was sure they were out of these so called flowers. It was such a deal! Me and Vanda squeal into the parking lot. (Vanda is my car's name). I fly inside looking for this deal. Voila! There is a lady taking her time, picking and choosing... by this point I am in full shopping mode, I linger in the produce section waiting for this inconvenient lady to quit blocking the flower special. This is when I found the sliced mango. She finally looks like she is moving so I close in. I get four bundles of them! When my Darling Sister comes over I will give her these because they are her wedding colors, and just yesterday she told me she loved these flowers, what luck this is what they are, and they are on sale! I got harvest colors for myself and purple and white for her.
I didn't intend on them staying in that hurricane, just a holding spot... but I think they look lovely in there anyhow.
I know it is early for pumpkin place-mats, but when there are no actual seasons, there are no rules. (New law declared by me.) The stems are so tall... a little too tall for this vase, but I am the only one sitting at the table this week, I can manage.

I think they are just lovely.

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