Sunday, September 5, 2010

This doesn't succ...

My sister's succulents arrived for the centerpieces last week. My parents home has been a frenzy of activity since their arrival.
Here is my handsome father and head ranch man at DHR opening the packages. Please notice the opened pouch on his belt. That holsters his Gerber, which he is never seen without. I think he even ties it on his pajama pants some how. It is a multi-tool, a modern day Swiss Army Knife (although I can't say for certain if there is a tooth pick). Anyhow, there have been many a Christmas morn where this little gadget has come in handy, and for cutting streamers too. Here you see him opening the box and package with it. His trusty Gerber.
They are just beautiful! And thank goodness The Parents live on a ranch big enough to house these guys. My Darling Sister's sweet mother has been tending to them daily and wheeling them around in a little wagon to ensure they get the proper amount of sunlight and love. (If it was a Radio Flyer wagon we would really be concerned).
Please stay tuned for more succulent news and the final product at the wedding!

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