Monday, July 26, 2010

DEcrease Stress and DEtoxify.

If you check out my blogito often, you know that I, along with my sister, am getting married in less than a year. My sister's wedding is a about 2 months away. We have been creating pomanders out the wazoo and I just don't know if I can sit down and glue one more circle. (Although I will).
I have been feeling overwhelmed and run down for the last month or so. Not only because of the wedding planning that is happening, but because of work, the Mustang Man and I are looking into buying a home, and then there is everything else.
This last weekend was all about relaxing. I dog sat for my darling sister, and although I feel it is totally chaotic when I first arrive at her house to watch her little munchkin, by the end of the weekend I find myself not wanting to leave my little Abbatron niece. My darling sister has cable too. The Mustang Man and I don't have cable so it is a real treat when we can sit on the couch for hours watching the boob tube. So that is exactly what we did. Turned out the lights and laid on the deep, comfy couch.
Much to my dismay, we got stuck on the Jersey Shore. I had no idea that this show was like CRACK! We couldn't stop watching it. We just glazed over and were sucked in. In my hometown there is a Meth Campaign going on, the big saying is "Meth... Not Even Once." I think the Jersey Shore needs to have that disclaimer.
Now that I know what all the hoopla is with this show, and know who "Snookie" is, I come to work and my boss tells me she had a dream about "Snookie" and being in Las Vegas with her... it is all around us, this Jersey Shore. *Fist Pump*
I digress. So I have been riled up an stressed out. Today marks the day when I start Yoga again, and stop eating crap because yesterday I gave in to my carnivorous tendencies (which don't come often) and had a Taco Bell soft taco. As I was savoring the anxiety laden ground beef I bit down into was I think was a piece of bone... or something that crunched so loudly that the Mustang Man stopped what he was doing and said "Gross," exactly my sentiments. I couldn't stop myself from spitting out everything in my mouth.

Today I am starting Yoga and going back to being as Vegan as possible.

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  1. Awww... poor Em!!!! Hope yoga does you some good. :) On another note, love me some *Juice Heads* bahahaha!!!!