Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clean Slate, Blank Canvas... what have you...

I am not sure if you have heard of the downward spiral of the real estate market... No? Well, let me tell you, it is officially and unfortunately for some, a buyer's market. I, in particular, do not fall into the seller category so I am bitter sweetly excited about this turn of events. Sure, my entire family is in the real estate biz... and yes this market has effected them, but because they are all in the market, I have a grip of giants' shoulders to stand on while making my first home purchase.

I have found a place that I really like. The flippers (not to be confused with fake baby teeth) sank $20,000 into the kitchen, which seems to be the most important place to sink money into. So, Mustang Man and I are considering an offer.
Down payment you ask? Well, we are figuring all that out. Hopefully, because the house is a short sale, it will take a little while so we can pull the extra coins out of our couch cushions and start a successful lemonade stand!
This new house, should we get it, and please assist me in crossing your fingers and wishing on shooting stars, will be a whole new project. It doesn't NEED the work, but I do. I have been creatively stagnant and am ready for something! The pool area could use some sprucing up with greenery and such, and obviously some solar lights, outdoor curtains, you know, the essentials.
So, if we get this house, stay tuned for all the projects that will be in store!


  1. yay how exciting and best of luck!

  2. Em- just found your new blog! Lovin it. :) Look for a new one from me soon... Did I tell you I started school on Monday? English Writing major. :) Couldn't be happier. Wine date soon? The beauty of going to school full time is that I won't be working so much meaning: evenings free!! (Minus homework of course).