Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pink Bridal Shower Recap

So the Bridal Shower for my sister was a complete success! The only thing that could have been better was my hair, and having a dress that fit. But, the party wasn't about me, it was about my darling sister who will be married in a matter of months! We held the Bridal shower at The Parents house, DHR, which had ample space for ample decoration.
Here I am decorating the tree... but these decorations didn't stay up. A piece of advice, if you have a pink theme, and you want streamers, go darker than you want... otherwise it looks like the house was toilet papered... not so cuten.
This is my DIY pile... not sure there was enough pink! I made the tissue pomanders that I said I was going to. I love the way they turned out!
My decorated tree. Again, with the Tulle, go darker than you think... it's see-through
And here are the sisters, my darling sister in white, as she should be.

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