Friday, April 9, 2010

Pomander Progress.... continued: part trois

Also, pomander progress.... I finished what I could but officially ran out of fabric. It actually worked out in my favor though! I like the way it is able to sit more like a center piece. I do wish I had a little more fabric so I could have made it a little fuller at least, but for a first time, I think it will do!
I think because of the amount of time this took I might try out the tissue paper ones I made in high school Spanish class. Those look like a "lighter" bit of fun. Although these fabric ones look more fancy, perhaps what I am actually looking for is indeed light and airy. More to come after I test out the paper ones!


  1. These are great you did an awesome job. The pics are lovely too! I will help cut out circles for the next round. (Pun intended).