Monday, April 26, 2010

Easy as 1-2-3

I had some lovely guests over for a Saturday night bbq. I needed to spruce the place up! What better than fresh flowers. I didn't want to go to the store, so I went outside to my bougainvillea bush a snipped a few pieces off. The colors are so vivid and are a great contrast with the cool colors that make up my abode. After the snipping, I needed a shallow vase... which I did not have, so I improvised. I grabbed my short wine glasses and filled with them with water. Oh what fun wine glasses can be! The bougainvillea weren't enough, so I ran down (well, Mustange Man drove me in his Mustang) to my local market to get some carnations! I know, I know, they aren't anything but a filler flower, but I think they worked exquisitely!

I had some left over carnations so I thought, I know the dudes are going to be outside, why not give them a little floral funness!? Initially the arrangement looked a little drab, so I used the stems from the first group of carnations to add some height.

I am not sure they enjoyed it as much as I did... but I think it is lovely.
Today when I arrived home from the 9-5 the bougainvillea was all droopy, so I pulled it all out and have a single short wine glass with an abundance of lovely carnations. And I think they are divine.

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