Saturday, November 20, 2010

Best Day Ever

Friday I was so busy at my place of employment that I was unable to take a lunch. However, bitter-sweetly there was cake for an employee's farewell that helped to fill my gurgling empty stomach. Little did I know, the sugar high was going to be very beneficial for my LONG commute home and what happened as soon as I arrived home. Now, on my stop and go drive, I was surfing the radio stations because my Zee Avi CD was skipping and low and behold, 99.9 had begun their Christmas music marathon. Now, there are many reasons I love Christmas music. 1. Because I know every word to every song. 2. Because it fills my soul with a happiness that only comes for a little while each year, 3. It makes me believe I have an amazing voice because I can hit every note that Josh Groban hits... and the list could go on. I was sang at the top of my lungs and agreed that, yes, it is indeed the most wonderful time of year. I was so looking to arrive home to tell my future mother-in-law and her good friend Jeffery (visiting from their homes for the night) the good news about Christmas music on the radio 24/7! "Good news everyone!" I came in the front door shouting! *WOW* *BAM* *ZAP* *BOOM!* I was stopped in my tracks with a beautiful arrangement of suitcases in my dining area.
I am sure the neighbors were slightly alarmed by the high pitched shouts and slapping sounds from the MANY high fives that were given in the 30+ minutes after I arrived home. These suit cases (found at a yard sale 2 doors down, not to be confused with the band with a similar title.) changed the entire feeling of the room and in turn gave more inspirations than 2 ladies and a Jeffery know what to do with.
This was just the beginning.. Jeffery (an interior designer by trade) set up all the dishes in the hutch for me and they looked amazing. Me, Lynda (My FMIL) and Jeffery decided the room was off balance. As you may remember, large empty walls. Lynda and Jeffery begged and pleaded with me to put the big Mexican Armoire into the room too. I dug my heels in and said there will be no TV in this room, it just isn't going to happen. Well, Lynda, being the brilliant and talented wino that she is created a new purpose for the Armoire, in fact, I think she FOUND its purpose. It was never MEANT to be a TV holding piece of furniture. It was destined to be so much more... A BAR!
Now, this has created MANY projects for the future. The photo above is a rough mock up just to get the ideas flowing, and to house the wine that we were drinking for the night. And it looks so much better at night. Lamp lighting really makes it. And that empty corner, it will not remain that way... the Mustang Man and I are waiting on some wing back chairs from Lynda to place perfectly on either side of the window. It will now be a parlor. (If you have a less old fashioned title please leave a comment, for Lynda thinks parlor is too old a term for our hip house.)
The Bar Project- To be continued with amazing miniature projects to make one BIG beautiful piece. 

*Disclaimer- Lynda is no more of a wino than I am, and so I do not believe I am insulting her, just mentioning one of the many awesome things we have in common.

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