Saturday, November 13, 2010

Empty Walls

Empty walls have always been hard to come by for me. My mom is married to artist John McClusky and the result of that is being rich in art. The problem now is, I have so much more wall space than I ever have before, I am consumed with the pressure of painting location. The paintings that once seemed huge in my apartments, and previously, Mustang Man's town house, now seem quite small. Even my hutch seems to have shrunk in size.
This space in particular has me stumped. It is really big. What does one put in this space. My darling sister suggested a year-round nativity scene... I think she was kidding, but not a good idea to plant in my head.

Pumpkins from Pier 1 a few years ago... Wishing I would have purchased more to have a little pumpkin patch.

My lady guardians.

She means business. Also, the cross is trying to find its home on the empty walls. We have a cross collection that feels much smaller than it once did. Still trying to figure out which room they belong in.

One of my empty walls, mocking me.

Quite pleased with the out come of the bookshelf.

*PUNCH IN THE FACE* Empty walls.

Painting to be hung... but where?

My shrunken hutch...

A Birthday Gift from my darling sister.

Mustang Man's great grandmother's dishes...

I just love the details.

My cat clock...

Our key rack I painted...

Guest Bathroom

My necklace holder...

A girl can never have too many accessories.

My jeans... don't they look AWESOME? I love my walk-in closet.

My bad habit.

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