Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Des's Italy

My BFF and her hubby ventured on an Italian Vacation I can only dream of... they went all over and drank oodles of wine... and saw beautiful things and fell in love all over again. The images are so spectacular I had to share them. Her camera takes fantastic pics... I think she said there were settings that made them look this way, but regardless, amazing shots.

Here are a few postcard-esque photos.

Two of my VERY favorite people doing one of my VERY favorite things.
I think these are the colors in the are the colors dreams are made of.
I am sure he was singing "Emily, we wish you were here in Italy drinking wine and eating food with us!"
This is what I see when I think of Romantic Italy
She will conquer the world...
Perhaps after she conquers the world she will be able to Vacation to Italy with her best friend. What do you say miss Gar? 

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