Friday, June 18, 2010

Wish I were a cook...

So, I wouldn't say I am not a foodie, because I do enjoy the tastier things in life... Like chili-chocolate and... well, nothing else comes to mind because I have chocolate on the brain... but I came across and exceptionally witty blog today, based solely on food. I did realize at this point that my nap left me no time to lunch so I scrolled through the pages of Orangette and found my self reading about her adventures in food, but once the recipe hit, I was zooming past. My darling sister is quite the baker and she makes what ever I request of her for my birthday. Last year I requested a chocolate tort. And she delivered beautifully.

There was a delicious raspberry topping to boot. (You may see canned whipped cream there in the distance... it is for the men in our lives that don't appreciate the finer things... like RICH chocolate and homemade raspberry toppings, hand whipped cream at that!)
Anyhow.. I have decided Orangette is a place for my sister. One who reads recipes, not those who request them to be made for birthdays and such.
Thanks darling sister for always making my birthday EXTRA sweet!


  1. You are most welcome sweetums! I will make you something equally delicious this year! What shall it be???

  2. Me thinks I have sent you the year's birthday request... But perhaps homemade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting sounds awesome too!