Friday, October 22, 2010

Pheeling Creative

So... I have been looking for wedding photographers in my hometown, as our original idea has now been priced out. I decided to take a gander on Craiglist to see if there are any college kids that are creative and want the experience for little cost... What I found was concerning. There were people advertising their services, and their "Best Photos" were featured on their websites. These photos were... well... awful. Eyes were closed, shadows in all the wrong places... NOT GOOD. So, I was looking back on the photos I have taken.. and dig... I should get into the Biz in ID.

These are a senior sesh I did of my co-worker's (and fellow blogger Mrs. B. Kim) sister for her senior pictures. I really liked the way a few of these turned out.
These are from my sister's engagement session. We were shooting in the middle of August and it was hot as a mo'fo' so we had to stay in the shade.

Thank goodness she is so gorgeous, it is easy to take a good picture of her!

So serious...

its magic!

They were happily married September 25th, 2010! Now I should talk her into doing some bridal shots!

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