Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holiday Break..

I lolly gagged my way home today... stopping at the Target for some candy (now is the time to get the bulk business.) Gazed slightly at the Christmas decor starting to arrive.I have to pace myself at the Target, as I will not be paying the $100 cover charge for a while. And when I arrived home I knew I would be receiving the usual Wednesday market coupons and standard mailbox fillers, but my excitement level raised about 50 notches... The Crate and Barrel holiday catalog was here! I tried to do a little meditation to de-stress about the chaotic house appraisal situation (yes I am finally buying that house I blogged about, well A house...) but my little eye kept peering open at the catalog sent from heaven. I just HAD to look at it so I could move on with my night, and my life! I know I know, it isn't even Halloween, but I think about Christmas all year 'round. I save little things that might go well in my Christmas cards, or collect things from antique stores. And my future Mother in Law loves Christmas as much as I do. I have already received some of her Christmas swizzle sticks (in August)! Oh this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

So Crate and Barrel, what have we to share with Emily's Christmas Spirit?

Yes, you are the holiday of my dreams! And how fortunate that my new home has a fireplace, and I will be moving in shortly before the holidays. Oh how my heart longs for this day!

If you know me at all, and perhaps this is a good time to say, I ADORE paisley, and this little (or large) gem is my two favorite things tied into one. *nearly shouting* Paisley and Christmas! Now if only there were a little piece of chocolate decadence on it I would be in REALLY good shape... ooohhh cheese would work too.

Oh, hello adorable matching piece of heaven.

Oh, the three together? I think so!!!

Why not do something like this for place settings or something???
 I figure, if there are holidays, there is a need for a holiday party. Now I just need to make some friends here and we will be on our way to this holiday soiree!
Ohhhh I am in Holiday Heaven!!! If anyone knows how I can move into Santa's workshop, please let me know. And now to start the Christmas music on my Pandora Radio!!!

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