Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally... It is done-ish!

Well, tonight was an interesting one to say the least. As I mentioned in my last post, the heat of the AZ summer puts me in fight or flight mode, which also puts me in a constant state of anxiousness. When I arrived home P Funk wanted to chat about my current goings ons... but that seemed like a large order, so we went to sushi instead. Going out to eat always seems to ease my mind, or at least distract me for a bit.

When we got home I decided it was time to get my craft room put together. So I did.

This is going to be my new zen space. I have space to do yoga, I have my ergonomic chair and I am really digging it so far. I need another lamp, preferably a floor lamp, some shelves, a small cabinet and a plant. I am also going to re-screen my shoji screen for a little privacy. P Funk has his man cave, and I have this... I am grateful. He can also sit in here with me on my reading chairs, just to enjoy music or each others company.

Do you have a zen space? What makes it so?


  1. I had a zen space in my last house - a gorgeous little sun room filled with plants. It looked out into my back yard, which was always visited by a plethora of birds. It was the perfect place to savor a cup of coffee (or tea, or wine..). I miss it. I was just laying in bed this morning dreaming about the day when I will be able to create another one.... In the meantime, I'm hoping to turn the nursery into a zen space with a rocking chair and what not. No crazy baby colors - just calming neutrals. It will have to do (for the both of us!) :)

  2. I'm so glad you shared this! I love your little photo collage on the wall. I hope this means you'll be sharing more craft projects...now that you have a room to do said craft projects!

  3. Yes! I will be posting more craft projects! I want to visit this room first thing when I get home, so, so far so good! See tomorrow's post!