Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just where I want to be...

26 now, well, tomorrow.
I am exactly where I want to be.
I am married to the man of my dreams, I live in an amazing home, I have a pool to relax in, and I have my family.

I feel very blessed to be where I am. My whole life I thought I would be married at 22, maybe 23 and have a baby on the way by 25. I am so grateful that is not the case. It isn't a bad plan for anyone, but as time has gone by, I have realized, had I gone down that path, I wouldn't be here.

I have developed new friendships, a new family, and new traditions.

Now, hanging Christmas lights in 90 degree weather isn't my favorite thing to do, and spending holidays and birthdays away from my immediate family, well that wasn't in the plans either. But having a place for all my friends and family to stay when they need a break from the cool, gloomy weather... that makes up for it all.

Now, I am looking toward the future. From here on out I am going to be a better wife, better daughter, better sister and better family member. Here is to 26, and the best life I could have ever dreamed of.