Tuesday, March 15, 2011


today was a craptacular day. I decided I would finally iron those clothes that needed ironing. You know, the ones you hang in your closet hoping they will iron themselves, or at least gravity will help you out a little. I mean, I finally have an ironing board. But don't let that fool you. I never took home ec. I don't know how to iron. So, I got 2 pairs of pants done, then my white sailor pencil skirt had gathered too much dust (I think it is the fact that it had to be ironed #1 and a thong must be worn #2) so I stopped ironing it as it needed to go into the wash anyhow. Then it was my fire engine (maybe redder) red capris. DEVASTATION! Apparently there is a reason for the heat setting.
At this point I unplugged the iron and sulked in the front room with my glass of wine. Nothing Mustang Man could say would make this situation better. Even the idea for "water" didn't help, as it just made me feel more stupid. I didn't add water to my iron... is that the problem?

Now I have gone through my favorite blogs and Fashion Toast revealed to me that I have nothing to fret about, or sulk about as things are far worse in Japan and I should count my blessings. And I do...

Now, I am glad that I am here. I know that I need to professionally press my clothes and I would also like a mustard yellow cardigan that goes with everything... except pink.

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  1. unless you want to look that way!
    love the new look :)