Thursday, March 31, 2011

Every girl needs it...

When I was in high school I had men follow me and my friend home one night. Thank God my parents were home and the car decided to leave once my mom came outside. I saw that hideous green car a few more times and they followed me around again. Then my mom bought me mace, and my grandparents bought me a cell phone. After this incident my mom helped me develop a plan. She told me to drive to the police station rather than home. They won't (God willing) pursue you into the station, and they won't know where you live. This piece of advice has always stuck with me. Unfortunately, I had to throw my mace away when I was at the Las Vegas airport and have never had any since.
Well I have never needed it... or wanted it, until today.
Today I had a man following me home after work. He honked at me initially and I thought he meant my right turn was too slow. Then we were stuck at the light together. He started making kissing gestures at me and when I reacted negatively to that (merely making a face) he started calling me a "Ho." He proceeded to follow me and honk at me and pull up next to me. Fight or flight kicked in.
Having just moved to a new area of town, I didn't know where the nearest police station was, and I sure as hell wasn't going to go home with this a-hole behind me. He was in the left lane, and as we neared an intersection I made a quick decision to turn right so he couldn't follow me. I watched in my rear view mirror the whole way down this road to make sure he hadn't found me again.
I don't think I have ever hit so many red lights, or called Mustang Man so many times... Panic rolled through my body still. I had to get home as quick as possible because my gas light was on, and there was no way I was going to run out of gas at a time like this. I checked my rear views again and made the essential turns. Pulled into my garage and closed it as soon as possible.

The moment I got home I researched where the nearest police station is and where to get mace. I came across some pretty fashionable items. Not that I need my mace to be fashionable... but why not?

Or, to really scare your potential attacker, check out this little number

Anyway, I guess this is just a reminder to be safe, be prepared and always have a plan. You never expect some psycho to act out against you.


  1. Next time you better jet back to my place and murphy and sal will get em for you! so stupid. sorry that happened to you :(

  2. I always keep my mace with me. I've never needed to use it but my sanity as been grateful for it thru a couple of scares. Ladies need to be prepared!