Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday wind down...

After a morbid Monday I thought a little fashion and wine was a good way to wind down... along with a little easy baking. Today my green venture buddy and I nearly were killed in the HOV lane by a single driver in a truck. I don't mean his relationship status, but he was alone in his truck, and he shouldn't have swerved into the HOV lane and shoved us into the shoulder. Thank goodness Mrs. B Kim was driving because she safely got us out of the situation, but had I been driving I am sure he would have run me right into the cement barrier. For the remainder of our Green Venture we relived all the car wrecks we have been in.
Then, on our drive home we discussed all the funerals we had been to because Mrs. B. Kim's dear husband's grandmother passed away earlier today. I teared up a few times in the car today remembering all the ones we have lost.

Thus the morbid Monday title. A hard, sad day.
So, I decided cinnamon in the air and wine on the palette would be a good cure. Recipe and baking process to follow.

I hope everyone else had a great Monday! If not, I suggest picking up a Vogue and a bottle of wine.
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  1. lady gaga looks a bit like a corpse in that photo. Way to come full circle :)

  2. Only you would see that Bri! Oh how the symbolism never ends!