Friday, March 4, 2011

What were you born to do?

Mustang Man and I just picked up the "Born to Run" book by Christopher McDougall. We frequently read books aloud to each other, just a little break to get away from the boob tube. This book is amazing, hearing about his journey to become a better, healthier runner by running barefoot. This came from me trying on these bad boys... from Vibram.

I saw them a few years ago while I still lived in the Northwest, but never knew their true value until Mustang Man ran a marathon with his best friend and my sister. He had constant foot pain, very similar to what happened to author McDougall when he started his journey, realizing that his "running" shoes, could be what were injuring him all along.

Now that he is training again, I think we are both going to start with a barefoot approach. 
Here is to another marathon!

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