Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridal Shower: Day One

A half day of work during an already short week is a glorious thing. When it means traveling home for ones bridal shower, that makes it even better. When my darling sister and I travel together, it is mandatory that we partake in airport libations. While enjoying my $12 glass of Pinot Grigio I happened to notice the gem below. A man with a scrunchie... I had to use my PI skills to take a top secret photo... but I thought it MUST be shared with the world. 

Then my darling sister and I boarded the plane to fly to Boise.We had our Plane Crackers and bloody mary mix. I can't have too much salt when I am flying... 

Once we arrived in Boise my dad picked us up and we hustled our way to the Boise Co-Op to pick up some cheese, beer and wine for the Bridal Shower.If you are wondering if the the Co-Op smells like patchouli, yes... it does... We also stopped at a new store called Brewer Haven... My dad was very excited to find "real beer" in a can for his upcoming raft trip.
By the time we got to our little home town we were all tired and hungry. But we still had enough energy to pay special attention to Lucy and her little lamp shade she had to wear because of her ear surgery. It was a grueling day but totally worth it. Stay tuned for days two and three which includes wedding planning and the bridal shower! 

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