Thursday, April 14, 2011

Never sure...

Today my Green Venture buddy sent me a blog link that reflected my very sweet dance moves in baby form. After a good chuckle, the chuckle that women do when watching adorable babies, I continued on. After the adorable "ladies room" fashion show the author puts on weekly, she delved a little deeper, into her feelings/fears about giving birth for the second time. And even though she never sugar coated it, yes, it was painful, she shed a new light on the most beautiful thing she has ever experienced.

Lately, I have been turned away from the idea of motherhood...
1. because I am not ready to sleep less than 8 hours a night. And I am sure Mustang Man isn't ready to have me shoving him out of bed because I don't wake up easily.
2. I am terrified of hospitals... very. terrified. and
3. IF I were to have a babe, I would want it to be a natural water birth... many hospitals don't offer that and I am not sure how confident I am in a midwife only.

But when I read the author's letter to her toddler baby girl, I think I might be back on board for having a child... The letter went straight to my heart... and the mother I wanted to be for my entire life seems like she is coming back up to the surface. Don't get me wrong, I am not in any rush... I have a few vacations I want to get under my belt before our family grows, but I am warming up to the idea again.

Here is my Mumsie holding me... and I am so grateful she brought me into this world.

And here she is holding my older brother... What a pretty mama! And my Brother... what a chunk!

And here are a few of us sibs... freaking adorable...

 And, while we are at it... here is one of me and my dad... feeding me my first strawberry

Ya, I think I can be a mom... one day.

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