Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was one of the busiest weekends I have had in a long time. We hung out with friends Friday night at Down Under Wines, then I went shopping with my sister on Saturday for my bridal shower dress. I came out successful, she did not. Saturday night we met up with Mrs. B. Kim and TK for dinner at Latitude Eight. Dinner was lovely, conversation and company was great, the free wine was even better! I would highly recommend this place, the ambiance is wonderful and the owners are very generous.

We decided the night shouldn't end there so we went to our neighborhood pub. It was karaoke night, and it was more than entertaining. They had AMAZING soft pretzels and a server with Napoleon syndrome... Mustang Man was not pleased. After we had plenty of the terrible singers we stopped back home at the Casa de DIY and caught up on our YouTube. Mustang Man shared this with the group, TK shared this.

Sunday morn we woke up nice and early and went to the Swap Meet with my G-Rents. As always, there was plenty to see. Tons of aluminum wall art, and your every day radiation protection rocks! (pictured) We then hit Gordon Biersch for some refreshments and I got at Lobster Crab Cake... It was delicious.
Successful Weekend? Yes.


  1. two posts in one day? i must be trippin!!
    yay for fun weekends!

  2. I am trying to make up for your slack! ;)