Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bridal Shower: Day Two

Early Friday morning my ma picked me up to head to my florist and cake appointment. I had butterflies after meeting with the florist. I thinks she sees my vision and is going to make everything PERFECT. The cake appointment wasn't nearly as exciting, but I know it will taste good, and that is really the point, right?

Second then we stopped for a bite at Elevation 486 that was delectable! The restaurant is right on the canyon edge with a beautiful view! The food was the perfect comfort food for the chilly 50 degree day.

We stopped at my ma's house for an afternoon libation. There are so many amazing details in her house... I captured merely a few.

Her sun room is one of my very favorite rooms. And living with a VERY talented artist only helps the cause of AMAZING household features!

Later my BFF and I drove down to Blue Lakes Country Club, the venue for the Mustang Man's and my wedding. We were there to finalize the details like linens and rooms to utilize for the guests. And to try the food and drinks!

The views from the dining room are beautiful... and when the trees are green, it will be even better!

The food was great, only a few minor changes... which I think is a bonus!

This is where the ceremony will be, with a view of the I B Perrine bridge right off the Snake River.

On our way home, we saw a truck with ridiculous pipes... something you will only find in ID I am sure... Once we were home, it was crunch time for bridal shower favors and treats. Dad stepped in to help my Darling Sister with her brownie bites and my Lisa finished the favors.

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