Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bridal Shower: The Day of... or Day Three

In the morning, my BFF and darling sister had to think of a way to get me out of the house for a while so that all the decorations and food would be a surprise, at least the presentation of the food. So, they took me out to Java for some breakfast. I don't know if it was my old time feelings coming back, but my BFF and I sat and talked for nearly an hour after my sister left to head back to DHR. Not seeing each other for nearly a year leaves two chatty gals plenty to talk about!

After a quick successful round of shopping at the Magic Valley Mall, my BFF and I set off for my mom's house to do the trial hair and make up. Des purchased me clip in extensions, and to be honest, I don't think my hair ever looked so good! No, I know it has never looked so good! Imma model if you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the cat walk, ya on the cat walk

Here is the final product. It turned out just like Des and I wanted it to. Shakespearean, and whimsical! Not wonder she is a stylist to the stars!

Once we arrived at DHR, it was party time. Wine started pouring as soon as the guests arrived.

The cheese trays were phenominal and my dearest mother made these AWESOME wine labels. They say our names and the date of the big day... not to mention featuring my second favorite artist's work. (Gustav Klimt). My sister, my Lisa, Auntie Lilis, and my Dear Dad put so much hard work into making this a beautiful event.

They had been collecting candle sticks for months just for the shower... and look at these AMAZING brownie bites. There were even some with Sea Salt on top... HEAVEN!

After the guests made there way out the door, we sat down to have another glass of wine and clean up. It was a beautiful day... One of the best days.


  1. i love your hair! is that lenny on the table up there?

  2. Affirmative... and Jackie O... that is how cool Java is.