Monday, May 16, 2011

This Growing Up Thing...

Some of my family members say I have unrealistic expectations of everything, Christmas, vacations, and, as it is coming down to it, life in general. As a kid I imagined my adult life full of dinner parties where the women are dressed like Jackie O and the men from Mad Men, and all my serving dishes would be the talk of the party because they were so unique and beautiful. The dinner I prepared would be so outstanding that my female guests would beg me to share my secret recipes, but I never would. Music would always be playing in my house. Every room. And it would be jazz music, or easy listening. This would be the soundtrack of my calm life. My house would always be clean and organized and I would know where every item went, because, naturally, everything has its place in the house. And my children would be beautiful and well mannered and help the neighbors with their lawn work or carrying in the groceries, even if they didn’t get a nickel for their labor.

Well, with Mustang Man’s and my wedding day nearly a month away, I have decided it is time to get on track.

So here are my new goals:

My sweet family has started getting me the items I need to make my dream life a reality. I can’t wait to get my serving bowls home from Idaho! And the rest of my cookware and aides! This will encourage me to have more dinner parties and entertain my friends more often.

From Macys

We have started having folks over for dinner parties, but because of my youth, I still dress like a bum! My youth is not an excuse though. I follow plenty of sassy bloggers that dress exactly how one should dress for dinner parties, but they do it every day! I should invest in more dresses like this…

I will also be perfecting my cake soon. This was an idea my sister gave me. I need to make a cake so well that everyone silently says, “I really hope Emily brings that delicious chocolate cake of hers! It is just the most decadent outstanding dessert I have ever tasted.” So, perhaps when we return from the wedding I will use my new baking devices from our registry to create this masterpiece and then place it on my new BEAUTIFUL cake stand.

I will focus less on the stress of my job, and enjoy my soon-to-be new husband’s company and take care to spend time with Cricket and Lou Lou individually. I will focus on contacting my relatives more often and strengthening those bonds. I will also write my good friend MalTort at least once a month. Nothing will ever beat a good pen pal. That being said, I should probably invest in that stationary I have been wanting.

I am sure this will all come to fruition know that I have written in out... a sort of To-Do List.

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