Monday, April 18, 2011

hangin' down unda'

Down Under Wines & Bistro is one of my new favorite spots here in the South West. Mustang Man and I have been here many times, and the service only gets better and better! We always order the Crocodile Pot Stickers, and they are spicy and outstanding! They also offer Rabbit, Kangaroo and Ostrich dishes, although I haven't been brave enough to try them. They have a great selection of Cheese there too! They are also the only place to offer flights in this region that I have found, which to me, are a must at a wine bar!

Wine tastings are frequent as is the live music! But, if you test it out on a day that there is no live music, I doubt you will be disappointed in the music selection playing over the speakers. We have heard everyone from Van Morrison to Bob Dylan to Brandi Carlile.

My next mission at DUW is to sit out on the patio! I have yet to do that and it isn't too far away from being too hot. I pray they have misters!

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